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Commuters in Spokane County have many options when it comes to leaving their cars at home. Why drive alone to work, when there are less expensive ways to get there? But don't just take our word for it. Check out the Commute Cost Calculator to determine what your commute actually costs and how much you could save by using one of seven other commute modes.

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STA Rideshare (formerly vanpool) with Spokane Transit

Why put miles on your personal car, when you can put them on a STA-owned van? STA Rideshares are groups of three or more people who share a similar commute trip from home to work, which is at least 10 miles one-way. The group decides on the meeting time, location and route it will take. The group pays a monthly fare that covers the cost of the van, gas, insurance, maintenance and even 24-hour roadside assistance.

Thinking of giving STA Ridesharing a try?

There are more people sharing the ride in Washington State than anywhere in the country! All you need is two others - in addition to yourself - to rideshare. Or, get as many as 14 - the more people in your pool, the lower your fare. There are lots of great ways to find vanpool partners. 

  • Logon to to get a list of interested people with commutes similar to yours.
  • Contact co-workers and neighbors. Click here to print a Riders Wanted Flyer to post in high traffic areas at your worksite.
  • Talk to your Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) or Human Resource Department at work. They can help get the word out that you are interested in starting or joining a rideshare.

For more information on STA Rideshare with Spokane Transit, click here, call 509-326-7665 or email STA at

STA Rideshare is a smart way to share your ride and your expenses. It's also a great way to help eliminate traffic congestion, pollution and reduce your stress. Get started today!


STA Routes & Schedules - Riding the bus is easy and convenient. Find the route and schedule that works best for you.

STA Public Rideshare InfoWhy put miles on your personal car, when you can put them on a STA owned van?

STA Park and Ride Lots - Don't live near a bus stop, go to the nearest park and ride and catch the bus.

Bike Map provided by Spokane Regional Transportation Council

CommuteFinderNW - find a carpool partner or join a vanpool

Telework - find out more and how to get a telework program started