Commute Trip Reduction officially changed names to Commute Smart Northwest

May is all about two-wheeled human powered transportation and how it can help you WIN!

The goal of a month dedicated to celebrating the bike and all these events, is to encourage people to get out and enjoy a life behind bars, handle bars that is!

Image of Commute Smart Crew asking if Your a Winner?  Monthly Prize Winners! 

   Check out the lucky winners! Click here for more details.

This April, Every Smart Commute You Use is Another Chance to WIN!!!

With so many great reasons already to switch to a smart commute and now we’re adding even more! In fact, every time you use a smart commute during April and track it, you have a chance to WIN 1 of 7 great prizes in our end-of-month drawing! Click here to find out how!

 Celebrate Clean Air!  Join the Commute Smart Crew and start saving money by using a commute alternative to get to work. Not only will you save money and help our air, you'll have the chance to WIN a $100 gift card each week!! Click here to read more...



Along with the name change, we launched this website and new look! The commute calendar previously on is now part of the new website. You can use the same credentials for logging in and accessing your commute calendar. Please be sure to check out the Impressive Stats page to see the difference you are making in our community. Also, check out the Community Impact page on the home page and you'll be blown away on the trips, miles and air pollution that have been reduced since starting the commute calendar in June 2003. Click here to read more....




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STA Vanpool InfoWhy put miles on your personal car, when you can put them on a STA owned van?

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