These are our commute smart monthly prize winners!


                                                       CONGRATULATIONS TO DECEMBER'S PRIZE WINNERS!                                                                                                     

December Grand Prize Winner

Rob Wagner, Avista -- Anthony's by the Falls Gift Certificate ($250 value)

$50 Gift Card Winners

  • Kailei Aiumu, City of Spokane, Public Safety
  • Derrick Chase, CSNW Participant
  • Jennifer Lingenfeller, STA Plaza
  • Dan Dale, WA State DSHS DCS
  • Mary Poland, WA State Office of Admin. Hearings

$25 Gift Card Winners

  • Isaac Mendoza, Airway Heights Corrections Center
  • Maritza Perez, Davenport Hotels
  • Shondel Rohn, Fairchild Air Force Base
  • Denise Dunsmore, Fiserv
  • Kalee Quanz, Gonzaga University
  • Christie Fakrieh, Premera
  • Dan Wells, STA
  • Amy Bippes, STCU
  • Tonny Pellitteri, Travelers
  • Skye Strong, Zak Designs

December Weekly Winners

  • Sean Flynn, Eastern State Hospital
  • Kevin Hayes, Providence Sacred Heart
  • Chase Deger, TTEC
  • Anne Olsen-Harlan, WA Trust Bank

December Winning ETCs

  • Fran Cruz, Coffman Engineers
  • Josh Nichols, Hotstart
  • Margaret Terry, Lakeland Village
  • Lorrie Anne Brown, Multicare
  • Julie Korssjoen, Spokane County
  • Jill Barrett, SRHD
  • Jerry Compton, WSDOT
  • Beth Morgan, WA State DSHS DCS
  • Hannah Bell, Wendle Motors
  • Amy Rosema, WSU Health Sciences

December Teleworking Winners

  • Carlos Limon, Avista
  • Kelli Petragallo, Multicare Deaconess
  • Susan Wolcott, STCU
  • Michael Tallman, WA Trust Bank


                                                                         Congratulations to November's Prize Winners!                                                  

Worksite Prize Drawing

  •  Sarita Pruess, Department of Health--$50 gift card
  • Randy Hively, Jubilant HollisterStier--$50 gift card
  • Celeste Bowen, Providence Sacred Heart--$50 gift card
  • Amanda Henry, Vitalant--$50 gift card
  • Chad Simonson, WSDOT--$50 gift card
  • Andrew Duffey, City of Spokane, City Hall--$25 gift card
  • Christie Johnson, Coffman Engineers--$25 gift card
  • Victoria Gardner, CSNW Participant--$25 gift card
  • John Gruss, EWU--$25 gift card
  • April Sanchez, Frontier Behavioral Health--$25 gift card
  • Tony Cupic, Goodwill Industrices--$25 gift card
  • Lennae Hemmer, Liberty Mutual--$25 gift card
  • Shane Bassett, Providence St. Luke's--$25 gift card
  • Stacy Kowtko, SCC--$25 gift card
  • Ken Goolsby, URM Stores--$25 gift card

November Teleworkers

  • Dereck Emilien, Engie Impact--$25 gift card
  • Jennie Blake, Itron--$25 gift card
  • Gary Harbison, WA State DSHS DCS--$25 gift card
  • Tara Davis, WA State DSHS Valley CSO--$25 gift card

Winning ETCs

  • Lorene Hansen, AHCC--$25 gift card
  • Missy Eaker, City of Medical Lake--$25 gift card
  • Josh Potter, FAFB--$25 gift card
  • Shani Owens, Fiserv--$25 gift card
  • Rebecca Richard, Liberty Mutual--$25 gift card
  • Melody Verdugo, NW Farm Credit Services--$25 gift card
  • Amie Blaine, Spokane Transit--$25 gift card
  • Steven Tucker, Trans-Systems--$25 gift card
  • Amanda Hiebert, WA State Dept. of Ecology--$25 gift card
  • Steph Dunn, WA State DSHS APS--$25 gift card

Congratulations to October's Prize Winners!

 Weekly Prize Drawings

  • Week 1
    • Kari Dufner, Coffman Engineers--$50 Shogun Gift Certificate & $50 Regal Gift Card
    • James Janda, CSNW – EWU Shirt and Cap
    • Michele Johnson, Guardian Life – Zak Designs Gift Set
  • Week 2
    • Alex Terrien, WA Trust Bank—Walker Hayes Concert Tickets
    • Heidi Smith, Eastern WA University—Zak Designs Gift Pack
    • Terry Erickson, Witherspoon Kelley—EWU Shirt and Cap
  • Week 3
    • Jeremiah Jack, Engie Impact—Wild Walls 1 Week Membership for 2
    • Rebecca Berger, STCU—Zak Designs Gift Pack
    • Janice Wright, Numerica—EWU Shirt and Cap
  • Week 4
    •  Melissa Merrifield, Itron -- $100 Gift card
    • Aurora Maskall, WA State DSHS DCS--Zak Designs gift pack
    • Kim Panipinto, Spokane County District Court--EWU Shirt and Cap

Worksite Prize Drawing

  •  Nadine Grady, WA State LnI--4 Spokane Chiefs Hockey tickets
  • Abigail Hansen, City of Spokane Public Safety--EWU Shirt and Hat
  • Carly Gibson, Spokane Community Services and Dev.--Zak Designs Gift pack
  • Sara Larsen, Umpqua Bank--$100 Goodwill gift certificate
  • Rilla Lantir, Davenport Hotels--$100 Goodwill gift certificate
  • Kelly Vokacek, Avista--$100 Goodwill gift certificate
  • Ken Mandler, SFCC--$100 Goodwill gift certificate
  • Christina Empson, City of Spokane Water Dept.--$100 Goodwill gift certificate
  •  Michael Graham, STA--$50 gift card
  • Melanie Hayes, CSNW Participant--$50 gift card
  • Kristal Albrecht, CHAS--$50 gift card
  • Jeffrey Silvernail, Travelers--$50 gift card
  • Ray Byrne, SRHD--$50 gift card
  • Kayla Lantigios, Gonzaga University--$25 gift card
  • Rozalind Kitt, STCU--$25 gift card
  • Mark Brooks, Kaiser Permanente--$25 gift card
  • Jodi Gress, WA State AGO--$25 gift card
  • Daniel Cline, Pitney Bowes--$25 gift card
  • Mary Ellen Flores, Mann Grandstaff VA Hospital--$25 gift card
  • Corey Branum, WA State ESD Telecenter--$25 gift card
  • Crystal Fortini, Airway Heights Corrections Center--$25 gift card
  • Scott Dvorak, WA Trust Bank--$25 gift card
  • Rita Montgomerie, Eastern State Hospital--$25 gift card
Congratulations to September's Prize Winners!
  • Mah Xiong, Jubilant HollisterStier


  • Jenette Pillers, Altek
  • Lee Garcia, Clearwater Paper
  • Daryl Gardner, CSNW


  • Jared Akins, Avista
  • Holly Yanushka, Northwest Farm Credit Services
  • Teresa McGuire, PAML
  • Kristine Burrill, Spokane County IT
  • Matt Devita, WSDOT


  • Rita Osborne, Bank of America
  • Stephen Williams, City of Spokane-City Hall
  • Matt French, DAA
  • Lila Anderson, Holy Family Hospital
  • Jennifer Gregory, Principal
  • Merrie Jean Mousseau, Shriners Hospitals for Children
  • Lukas Yanni, STA Plaza
  • Lisa Gillingham, WA State DSHS Valley CSO
  • Tina Sowl, WSU Spokane
  • Becca Ray, Zak Designs
Congratulations to the Third Quarter Rideshare Winners!

Grand Prize Winner

  • Taruwe Rilometo – Spokane Regional Health District


  1. Greg Johnson - Avista
  2. Anastasiya Avdeyev – CHAS
  3. Anthony Ricci – City of Medical Lake
  4. Shellee Ives – City Hall
  5. Josh Mitchell – City Water Dept.
  6. Ruebin Hintz – Eastern State Hospital
  7. Jim Moneymaker – EWU
  8. Jessica Pasquale – Fiserv
  9. Dinah Lackman – Goodwill
  10. Litcelle Prouty – JHS
  11. Ryan Foley – Kaiser Aluminum
  12. Kevin Kuhl – Lakeland Village
  13. Jessica Sherman - NWOS
  14. Cathryn Schnug – Sacred Heart
  15. Hailee Meyers – Spok. Prosecuter
  16. Chris Camarata -- STA
  17. John Neiertz – Trans System
  18. Jared Arnold - Travelers
  19. Victoria Robinson – URM Stores
  20. Kaitlyn Fields – Wendle Motors






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