Monthly Prize Winners!

 Congratulations to November's Daily Prize Winners!

Christy Rutherford, Alorica -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Theresa Craigmile, PAML -- $25 AMC Gift Card

Katharyn Wood, Principal Financial -- $25 Amazon Gift Card

Chad Davis, Travelers -- $25 Red Robin Gift Card

Robert VanGelder, STA -- $25 Tomato Street Gift Card

Timothy Lane, Travelers -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Hananiah Ferlito, Goodwill -- $25 Red Robin Gift Card

Brian McGowan, WA Trust -- $25 Tomato Street Gift Card

John Beck, Gonzaga University -- $25 AMC Gift Card

Geoffry Bagwell, SFCC -- $25 Amazon Gift Card

Laura Culver, Spokane County -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Tracy Mahuiki, Engie Impact -- $25 Red Robin Gift Card

Dan Joy, WA State DSHS SWCSO -- $25 Tomato Street Gift Card

Madelene Kirchmeier, NWOS -- $25 AMC Gift Card

Grace Callahan, EWU -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Tim Day, URM -- $25 Amazon Gift Card

Kim Prisock, WA State Dept. of Ecology -- $25 Red Robin Gift Card

Missy Favaro, Premera -- $25 AMC Gift Card

Robin Bennett, STCU -- $25 Tomato Street Gift Card

Dirk Wiggers, Inland Imaging Bus. Assoc. -- $25 Amazon Gift Card

Congratulations to November's Daily Prize Winners!

Kristen Avila, Airway Heights Corrections Center -- $25 Tomato Street Gift Card

Sam Poulos, Umpqua Bank -- $25 AMC Gift Card

Lenny Bayliss, WA State DCS -- $25 Amazon Gift Card

Christina Fricke, Faneuil -- $25 Red Robin Gift Card

Hong Kim, WA State ESD Telecenter -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Glenda Harding, Jubilant HollisterStier -- $25 AMC Theater Gift Card

Charlie Butts, Itron -- $25 Amazon Gift Card

Colin Martin, Spokane City Hall -- $25 Tomato Street Gift Card

Brook Dimitratos, WA State L and I -- $25 AMC Theater Gift Card

Marina Baranowitz, Kaiser Permanente -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Jeanette Pillers, Altek, Inc. -- $25 Red Robin Gift Card

Chandler Chumbley, Providence Sacred Heart -- $25 Amazon Gift Card

Gina Andrews, Shriner's Hospital -- $25 Tomato Street Gift Card

Dayle McElroy, Pitney Bowes -- $25 AMC Gift Card

Heidi Wilson, Spokane Regional Health District -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

April Manglona, Davenport Hotels -- $25 Amazon Gift Card

Felicia Diamond, Greater Spokane Area -- $25 Red Robin Gift Card

Donald Joppa, Liberty Mutual -- $25 Tomato Street Gift Card

Congratulations to October's Prize Winners!

Randy Bareither, Avista -- $25 Amazon Gift Card
Yves Nievergelt, EWU -- $25 Amazon Gift Card
Vanessa Bryant, Greater Spokane Area -- $25 Amazon Gift Card
Mark Hendrickson, Triumph Composite Systems -- $25 Amazon Gift Card
Patricia Wright, VA Medical Center -- $25 Amazon Gift Card
Kyle Lundy, Clearwater Paper Corp. -- $25 AMC Theater Gift Card
Chad Dokken, Coffman Engineers -- $25 AMC Theater Gift Card
Susan Popp, INHS -- $25 AMC Theater Gift Card
Susan Best, Spokesman0Review -- $25 AMC Theater Gift Card
Jason Minton, WSU Spokane -- $25 AMC Theater Gift Card
Morgan Koudelka, City of Spokane Valley -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card
Loretta Strom, CSNW User -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card
Teresa Fry, Hotstart -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card
Billi Tensley, Premera -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card
Jim Riley, KeytronicEMS -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card
Anastasiyia Avdeyev, CHAS -- $25 Red Robin Gift Card
Marjorie Loosmore, Engie-Insight -- $25 Red Robin Gift Card
Lorina Aquino, Kaiser Permanente -- $25 Red Robin Gift Card
Richard Shaw, Spokane County IT Dept. -- $25 Red Robin Gift Card
Nancy Wilbert, Vitalant -- $25 Red Robin Gift Card

Congratulations to September's Prize Winners!

Victoria Wilferd, City of Spokane, Public Safety -- $25 Home Depot Gift Card

Robert Shultz, Commute Smart NW User -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Paige Myers, Eastern State Hospital -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Rhiana Everest, Gonzaga University -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Tiffany Mayo, Guardian Life -- $25 Home Depot Gift Card

Bo Liu, Honeywell -- $25 Home Depot Gift Card

Jamie Ives, Huntwood Industries -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Randi Hagen, Lakeland Village -- $25 Home Depot Gift Card

Rene Stoick, Northwest Farm Credit Services -- $25 Home Depot Gift Card

Laurie Martell, Providence Health and Services -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Brian Frederiksen, Spokane Falls Community College -- $25 Home Depot Gift Card

Cheryl Schuster, Spokane Public Schools -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Susan Sjoberg, Spokane Regional Health District -- $25 Home Depot Gift Card

Melissa Hansen, Travelers -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Stephen Garrett, URM Stores -- $25 Home Depot Gift Card

Mike Bjordahl, WA State DOT -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Mark Lambert, WA State ESD -- $25 Home Depot Gift Card

Nancy Fahlgren, Whitworth University -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Candance Elmenhurst, Witherspoon Kelley -- $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Skye Strong, Zak Designs -- $25 Home Depot Gift Card



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