Designed by employers for employers, the "Commute Smart Champion Awards" is Commute Smart Northwests Recognition Program. It aims to increase awareness and support for trip reduction efforts among citizens, managers and business leaders of the Inland Northwest. At the same time, the program seeks to promote greater use of commute alternatives by dramatizing the link between individual automobile use, traffic congestion and Spokane's air quality problems.

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Online Nomination Forms
Commute Smart Champion Nomination Forms

Champion Commuter
ETCs can nominate up to three Champion Commuters each quarter, each one being a different mode and you select the modes. i.e. you can select a carpooler, bus rider and teleworker or vanpooler, bicyclist and bus rider, you can't duplicate any mode in one quarter.

Click here for Champion Commuter Nomination Form (Please use same form for up to 3 nominations)


Quarterly Accomplishments

ETCs tell us what you have been doing over the last 3 months to promote and encourage participation in your CTR program. Information will be used to help select the Champion ETC

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Tools for Nominating