Guaranteed Ride Home Program - How to Get Started

Spokane County employers affected by the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Law or voluntarily participating in a CTR program can join the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program at any time. In order to participate, an employer must sign a one-year GRH Program Agreement with Spokane County.

The agreement details the responsibilities of each party. Once the Agreement is signed, it needs to be returned to Spokane County, c/o Commute Smart Northwest with your initial deposit check (payable to Spokane County) and we'll set you up as a participant of Commute Smart Northwest's Guaranteed Ride Home Program. The Usage Worksheet will assist you in determining your initial deposit for your GRH program.

All participating worksites must designate a GRH Coordinator and back up coordinator to attend a GRH orientation course where they will receive all the information and materials needed to implement, promote and manage Commute Smart Northwest's Guaranteed Ride Home program at your worksite!

The key to Commute Smart Northwest's Guaranteed Ride Home Program is flexibility. Within a broad set of policies, the program allows operational decisions to be made by the employer in response to the unique needs of their worksite.

For more information, contact Kim Stolz at 477-7169 or