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Dr. Mary Cullinan, Eastern Washington University

All Star Leader December 2017
Employer: Eastern Washington University
Occupation: EWU President

Dr. Mary Cullinan became Eastern Washington University’s 26th President in the fall of 2014. She soon participated in EWU’s CTR program by “walking” her talk.

Dr. Cullinan fully supports the University in meeting the legislative requirements within Washington State’s CTR program by providing employees alternatives to drive alone commuting. EWU offers free bus passes, using their EWU ID card as a Universal Transit Access Pass (UTAP), for students, faculty and staff. They recently also formed 2 new vanpools, which are fully subsidized. Other alternatives in support of the program include compressed work schedules, telework and flexible work schedules. The campus also provides bike repair stations, bike racks, bike and pedestrian lanes, and showers and lockers, which encourage walking and biking. All CTR participants are eligible for their guaranteed ride home program.

Coming from a campus in Southern Oregon before coming to EWU, where walking, biking and transit were the mindset, Dr. Cullinan was very accustomed to alternative forms of transportation and wishes all states had a law similar to the Washington State CTR Law.

EWU’s challenge, like many larger worksites, is being able to obtain a good response rate on the state required CTR survey. Dr. Cullinan vowed to continue to provide ETC, Michelle Rasmussen, the support she needs as they prepare for their 2018 survey.

Dr. Cullinan encourages other Executives to show their support by participating in their own CTR program themselves and by providing their ETC with the tools, time, and resources needed for success.

ETC Michelle Rasmussen says, “As a signatory to the American Colleges and University President’s Climate Commitment, Dr. Cullinan’s support of the CTR program, both personally and professionally, demonstrates leadership commitment in actively pursuing the university’s goals of promoting environmental sustainability and natural resource conservation.”

Way to Go Dr. Cullinan!