Commuting gets spendy; gas, time, maintenance, parking, etc.… It adds up the frustration is real!

You can cut those costs by half or more when you join a carpool, vanpool or use any other commute option like walking, riding the bus, bicycling, teleworking or working a compressed work schedule! Plus you could also earn a chance to WIN a $50 Happy card!

Besides the cost of commuting, dealing with traffic congestion can really tax your stress levels! Did you know that one of the best medicines for stress is laughter? When you share the ride you increase your daily intake of social time and your chances to laugh more!

Save money, be happier and earn a chance to WIN a $50 Happy card, but wait there’s more! You’ll also be helping to reduce traffic congestion, fuel consumption and improving our air quality! All around helping make the northwest a better place to live, play and commute!

How can you WIN that $50 Happy card? That’s easy! Just use a commute option at least 1X during the week, track it on your commute calendar by Sunday end of day and you’ll automatically be included in next week’s drawings!