Ride the bus this January!

Did you know; Riding the bus supports some of the main goals of living a healthy lifestyle and it could WIN you 1 of 16 $25 Happy Cards?

People who ride the bus get more physical activity in a day by walking to stops and final destinations vs people who drive automobiles. Driving is stressful! Studies show riding the bus is significantly safer than driving a car. Plus, fewer cars on the road means less traffic congestion and who doesn’t get stressed looking at traffic?

Riding the bus means you get to do other things like socializing, read a book, play a game or catch a few z’s. Activities that help improve brain function, cognitive memory, and learning skills! There’s also the money-saving part of riding the bus too. Studies were done by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) showing the average bus rider saves over $600 a month and over $8,000 annually, wow! And it helps reduce air pollution helping to make the Northwest a better place to live, play and commute!

Riding the bus could make you a WINNER! Ride the bus or use any other commute option like carpooling, walking, vanpooling, riding a bike or teleworking 5X during January and track it on your commute calendar and you’re entered into our January prize drawing to win 1 of 16 $25 Happy gift cards!

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