Save Money, Win Prizes, Ride Free for 2 Months… Join STA Vanpool and Ride On!

This September through December, when you join a STA Vanpool during our “Ride On!” Vanpool promotion, your first two months are free! Plus, you could automatically be entered to WIN in our “Ride On” promotion!

How do you get your two months of Vanpool FREE?

Easy, just feel out the vanpool agreement form (click here for PDF) (click here for Word) and submit it to STA Vanpool, then join a vanpool and track your trips on!

How do you join a vanpool?

Well, it’s super easy and the folks at STA Vanpool are always eager to help! Just give them a call at (509) 326 – Pool, or email them at, they’ll ask you a few questions and help you find a vanpool in your area.

Consider yourself a do-it-yourselfer?

Visit, our local ridesharing website. Once there, create your free account, put in your starting and ending points and will show you all the available vanpools in your area! All personal information is kept private, the first contact will always be made through and if you decide to join the vanpool you can share your contact info.

What if there are no vanpools in your area?

No worries, simply grab a few co-workers and start one up yourself! The good folks at STA Vanpool can help you get started or visit to learn more!

Can’t find a vanpool, don’t give up!

Vanpools start up all the time or some vanpools end up having seats open up occasionally. Even if you don’t find that perfect vanpool today, you may find it tomorrow!

How do I get my chance to WIN?

After you’ve found your perfect vanpool and hopped on board, just make sure to track it on, you’ll automatically be entered into our monthly drawings. Double bonus! Not only will you be entered in our “Ride On” Vanpool promotion, but you’ll also be automatically entered in our other monthly drawings as well when you qualify! And we give away a lot of stuff! (click here to see previous promotions)

If you don't work for a Commute Smart employer and you don’t have an account with

Easy, click here to create your free account and use worksite passcode PFKB. What can I WIN? For our “Ride On!” Vanpool promotion we’re giving away a different prize every month October through December!