Our commute smart crew is sharing their reasons why they use a smart commute and this April finding yours could score you lots of chances to WIN!

So many great reasons already to switch to a smart commute and now we’re adding even more! In fact, every time you use a smart commute and track it, you have a chance to WIN 1 of 7 great prizes in our end-of-month drawing!

Along with your chances to win one of these fantastic prizes, you’ll also be making the Northwest a better place to live, play and commute. Walking, riding the bus, carpooling, bicycling, vanpooling or teleworking helps to reduce air pollution, traffic congestion and fuel consumption, improves your wellbeing, saves you money, eases stress and can be just down right easier!

So, find your reason, go with it, track those smart commutes and rack up your chances to WIN! Want to learn more how you could WIN with a smart commute or how it can benefit you? Contact your worksite Employee Transportation Coordinator today!