This July and August, CommuteSmartNW and the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency are partnering to encourage you to help reduce ozone pollution! We want you to “Continuing the Movement!” of fewer vehicle tips, less traffic and better by making a clean air choice! It could also make you a WINNER!

During July and August, every week we’re giving away 4 Bicycle Essential Kits. To WIN one of these awesome kits you just need to use a commute option 1X during the week, track it on CommuteSmartNW by Sunday end-of-day and you’ll automatically be included in the following weeks drawings. Each kit is valued at over $40 and you’ll be the envy of all your other bike riding friends!

What is a clean air choice? It’s choosing to use a commute option like walking, teleworking, bicycling, riding the bus, carpooling or vanpooling, driving less by combining errands and avoid idling! But it’s also about making other clean air choices too like Refuel your vehicle after 6pm, switching to electric or manual yard equipment and if you can’t then wait until evening or the coolest part of the day. Always properly storing or disposing of paint cans and other solvents. During those hot summer days, they react the same as gasoline and in the presence of sunlight create ground-level ozone pollution.

So be a Commute Smart Champion and make a clean air choice to help reduce traffic congestion, fuel consumption and ground-level ozone!

Every week in July and August, WIN 1 of 4 Bicycle Essential Kits!

Use a commute option 1X during the week, track it on your commute calendar by Sunday end-of-day and you'll be in the following weeks drawings to WIN!!!

Each bike kit includes: bike bag, multi-function headlight and taillight, light up wristband, reflective slap-band, multi-bike tool and bike tube repair kit!


Special Thanks to the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency for helping to make the Inland Northwest a better place to live, play and commute! Learn more how you can help keep our air clean by visiting!



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