This August you can be a Clean Air Champion!

The hot temperatures and wildfires are the makings of a nasty foe, ground-level or “bad” ozone! Let the champion in you out and help protect our air in other ways! Choose a commute option like riding the bus, carpooling, teleworking, walking, bicycling, vanpooling. You can also go to and learn more about other clean air habits too!

You can also be Smoke Ready! Wildfire smoke can be harmful and it can affect indoor air quality too! When it’s smoky, limit or avoid time outdoors, change air filters regularly, consider getting an indoor air cleaner and select the “recirculate” mode on your air conditioner in your home or car to avoid bringing outdoor air inside.

By championing a commute option, you can WIN too! During August, you have a chance every week to win 1 of 2 Washington State Discover Passes! Just choose a commute option 1X during the week, record it by Sunday end-of-day and you’ll automatically be included in the following weeks drawings.