The Way to Go Awards for outstanding commitment to commute alternatives by an organization is called the Pinnacle Award. As the name implies, the employers who receive this award each year have gone far beyond the minimum requirements to demonstrate a firm understanding of the true benefits of trip reduction activities -- cleaner air, healthier employees, reduced traffic and an overall enhancement of the quality of life in Spokane County. In addition to a well-rounded CTR program, the selection of a Pinnacle Award winner is made after consideration of management support, ETC commitment and participation, continued enhancement of the worksite's CTR program and demonstrating an innovative approach to trip reduction strategies. They are Spokane County's true CTR champions.

This Pinnacle Award goes to an employer who came into the program in 1997. This downtown worksite has had a truly dedicated ETC since implementing a CTR program 14 years ago. She has continually marketed her program to over 400 employees, however, it wasn’t until a new manager came on board in 2016 did she see her efforts begin to pay off!

This new manager was the first in the last 14 years who was willing to sit down and listen to the ETC speak about their CTR program and the challenges she faced. And he didn’t just listen, he took action!

Understanding parking costs was first on his list. At that time, this worksite was providing monthly parking passes for their employees at $100 per space, per month. In reviewing the cost, he quickly realized he could buy approximately 2 monthly transit passes for the cost of 1 parking space. In 2017, they reduced their parking passes by 75 and are now subsidizing over 125 bus passes monthly, supplying 50 more employees with transportation options at no cost. This change is saving the company approximately $100,000 a year plus increasing CTR participation!

This new manager also looked at other ways to enhance their CTR program. With the green light, this ETC was able to form a CTR committee. And, with some work changes, there was also an opportunity for flexing schedules and allowing some employees to work compressed work schedules, and they love it!

This manager also sets a great example by riding the bus every day! This is a prime example of how management support can have a significant impact on a CTR program, as well as an asset for the ETC. Also, walking her talk and setting a great example for employees, this ETC rides the bus 4 days a week and walks one day.

We are very pleased to honor Alorica – Holley Mason, with a 2017 Pinnacle Award.