The Way to Go Award for "All Star Team" is designed to honor an outstanding worksite CTR Committee. Many employers have formed committees to assist the worksite ETC in promoting commute alternatives and communicating with employees. Active CTR committees are invaluable at large worksites and often come up with fun and creative ideas. Committee members act as building or department representatives by answering questions, keeping employees informed and encouraging participation.

Such is the case with our 2016 All Star Team. Nominated by their ETC and selected by the CTR Recognition Committee, this committee consists of 2 volunteers who work hard to help plan and set goals for the CTR program at their diverse and challenging worksite.

They make it a point to meet with all new hires to review their CTR program and explain the benefits they receive for participating. With management support, this dynamic duo has been responsible for getting bike racks installed for their bike riders and discounted bus passes for their bus riders. They also have monthly drawings for prizes and gift cards for all participants who “Travel Green”.

One of their challenges is marketing their CTR program to all employees throughout 4 different properties. But, by making themselves available to the over 500 employees, answering commute questions and/or concerns, they have more than doubled the number of participants in their program in the last 2 years. They both make the effort to attend all ETC networking events offered by the CTR Office, to gather the most up to date information for their program.

We are pleased to announce the 2017 All Star Team Award goes to the CTR Committee from The Davenport Hotels.