The Way to Go Awards for outstanding commitment to commute alternatives by an organization is called the Pinnacle Award. As the name implies, the employers who receive this award each year have gone far beyond the minimum requirements to demonstrate a firm understanding of the true benefits of trip reduction activities -- cleaner air, healthier employees, reduced traffic and an overall enhancement of the quality of life in Spokane County. In addition to a well-rounded CTR program, the selection of a Pinnacle Award winner is made after consideration of management support, ETC commitment and participation, continued enhancement of the worksite's CTR program and demonstrating an innovative approach to trip reduction strategies. They are Spokane County's true CTR champions.

The Pinnacle Award goes to a worksite who has been in the program since 1993. When the new ETC took over the program in 2015, participation in the CTR program was very minimal and their drive alone rate was at 90 percent. With less than 20 employees, it made it very challenging to find new participants, but this new ETC made it her mission to get more employees involved. She challenged ALL employees to use a commute alternative at least 1 time per month. And her efforts paid off! She went from having 1 bicyclist and 2 walkers to increasing participation to 7 carpoolers, 1 bus rider, 7 bicyclists, 3 walkers and decreased her drive alone rate to an amazing 66% and achieving their CTR goal in 2017!

This very dedicated ETC walks her talk by walking, biking or carpooling to work. During the warmer months, she and 2 other co-workers ride their bikes in to work together. She enjoys seeing her employees give “commute alternatives” a try, and by the looks at how much she’s grown the CTR program, she’s a great motivator.

This worksite offers showers, lockers, safe bike storage AND this ETC recruited an employee to be their own bike mechanic! Dave, an employee and an avid bike rider, does minor bike repairs for employees on-site.

This ETC has been instrumental in enhancing their CTR program since becoming ETC. She started a CTR committee as well as offering an internal Guaranteed Ride Home program, where City cars are utilized if needed. She’s also secured a small budget, and is working hard to increase it. This ETC’s “never give up” attitude has had an impact on this worksite’s CTR program! We are pleased to honor the City of Medical Lake with a 2017 Pinnacle Award.