Information Distribution Requirements

Updated: February 2006

One of the six minimum requirements of the CTR Law is the regular distribution of information to employees regarding alternatives to single occupant vehicle commuting. In Spokane County, distribution of information about the employer's specific CTR program directly to all employees is required at least once each year.

The following describe the minimum information distribution requirements for each affected Spokane County worksite.

Worksite CTR Program Summary Information to All Employees:

1. To satisfy both program implementation and information distribution requirements, an employer must demonstrate that they have distributed:

a) One written piece every year (at least once per year) that summarizes all the approved program elements in the employer's CTR program. This summary must be distributed directly to all affected employees within sixty (60) days of the issuance of these requirements, and thereafter within ninety (90) days of approval of the employer's Annual Report. In lieu of distribution of a written program summary, employers may distribute the information electronically, provided that all affected employees receive the information. Should the employer choose to use this method, a written copy must be printed and maintained in the employer's files.

b) Information about any new program element to all affected employees as it is introduced.

2. Provide Information to New Employees:

At the time of hire, new employees must receive the written program summary as described above.

3. Other Commute Alternative Information:

At least once a year, the employer must provide information on alternatives to commuting by single occupant vehicle (SOV) to employees. This information can be a single program element (e.g. transit subsidy), a single mode choice (e.g. carpooling) or general commute information distributed through means other than the general program summary noted above (e.g. transportation event or regional promotion)

Any questions about these requirements should be directed to the Spokane County Commute Trip Reduction Office at (509) 477-7540.