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2007 Way to Go Awards

All Star Team Award Winner December 2007
Employer: Zak Designs, Inc.

Zak Designs, Inc. CTR committee including ETC, Sharon Polello received the coveted All Star Team Award at the Way to Go Awards Ceremony on January 16 at the Davenport Hotel. Fifteen volunteers work hard to promote commute alternatives at Zak Designs, Inc. A majority of the members have overcome challenges and "walk their talk", which is a tremendous advantage in planning and promoting commute trip reduction activities.

With nearly 175 employees, not all having access to computers, this CTR committee is an invaluable asset to ETC, Sharon Polello. Meeting twice a month to strategize and implement promotional plans has been very successful with an 11% increase in employee participation in 2007.

Each committee member has taken the responsibility of a group of employees to promote, encourage and communicate the importance of their CTR program. With monthly and quarterly prizes being given away to employees who participate, committee members really advocate the importance of clean air and how the choices they make have a direct impact on the air we share.

For the eighth year in a row, Zak Designs, Inc. committee successfully encouraged every employee to use a commute alternative at least once during the Smart Moves campaign in April, achieving 100% participation.

The overall enthusiasm for ridesharing at this worksite has grown tremendously this year due to this committee's commitment and dedication and it has directly impacted the success of their CTR program. The following are the CTR committee members at Zak Designs, Inc.

Sharon Polello, ETC
Kristi McCray
Kelly Barnett
Angel Neiman
Gloria Denman
Jim Owens
Shauna Harshman
Leonora Palmer
Amy Higgins
Katie Perham
Mike Jones
Ray Shill
Denise Karnes
Rachel Tiegs
Robin Kropff