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Cary Fry

Most Valuable Commuter September 2007
Employer: Northwest Farm Credit Services
Occupation: Credit Officer

Living in Brazil for a few years, Cary Fry, Credit Officer for Northwest Farm Credit Services chose riding the bus as his best transportation option. When moving to Liberty Lake, his uncle, an avid bus rider, introduced him to the bus system here. Now a dedicated bus rider, Cary rides the bus an average of 3 days a week.

With a 30 minute commute, Cary enjoys the time he has to read his favorite books. He also doesn't have to worry about traffic or the stress of driving. Less wear and tear on his car and saving money are a bonus. With a $35 bus subsidy, Cary actually comes out ahead by $2 each month since a transit pass is $33. "I'm lucky because most people have to transfer at the Plaza," said Cary "I get to stay on the same bus which allows me more time to read."

Although it takes him a little longer to get to work, the benefits of riding the bus out weigh driving alone. Pam Mims, ETC, says "Fellow employees frequently ask Cary about his commute and his willingness to tell them how easy it is for him to ride the bus, is very encouraging and it sets a great example!" Way to Go Cary!