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Ron Hess

Most Valuable Commuter May 2007
Employer: Eastern Washington University
Occupation: Assistant Director of Plant Operations

Riding the bus to work, Ron Hess, Assistant Director of Plant Operations for Eastern Washington University, enjoys relaxing, listening to weather and news and talking with others on the bus. A former MVC, Ron walked to work for over 40 years before riding the bus.

A true advocate of commute alternatives, when he had the opportunity to move closer to one of his kids three years ago, he looked into riding the bus since walking would not be an option. With a 47 mile one-way commute, it takes Ron approximately 2 hours to get to work which is only 15 minutes longer than driving alone. "I love the fact that I don't have to worry about traffic, watch for deer on the roads and it's a lot less stressful," Ron stated.

Going above and beyond, on Sunday's, both he and his wife ride the bus out to Cheney to go to church. They joined the church when they lived in Cheney and didn't want to change. Ron also encourages other to give commute alternatives a try. Recently he persuaded an employee who lives on the South Hill to try the bus. The employee is now boasting that he saves $75 each month because of Ron. ETC, Ed McIntire said, "Outside my office, I've seen Ron walk to work for years. When he moved, he never skipped a beat. He started riding the bus and continued to be upbeat and encouraging." Way to Go Ron!