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Sister Rosalie Locati

Most Valuable Commuter June 2007
Employer: Sacred Heart Medical Center
Occupation: Director of Mission and Values

Walking since 2001, Sister Rosalie Locati, Director of Mission and Values at Sacred Heart Medical Center, takes a longer route because it's good for her health. In 2003, she had a knee replacement and couldn't walk to work for about 6 months. Although her knee continues to trouble her, she is still committed to walking to work and knows it will help her knee and health.

Walking an average of 3-4 days a week, other employees and friends see her walking. When they make a comment about seeing her, she takes the opportunity to talk to them about walking to work or using other commute alternatives. The Sisters of Providence, which Sister Rosalie is part of, has a commitment to the community in taking care of the environment. Walking to work is one of the ways she contributes to this effort. In addition, she walks on the weekends, carpools to events with other Sisters and has successfully encouraged others to ride the bus.

After being in a building all day, she looks forward to the walk home. "The fresh air is invigorating. I love listening to the birds and seeing all the flowers throughout the neighborhoods," smiled Sister Rosalie. ETC, Lori Barschig, says "What makes Sister shine the most is her positive attitude. Even with a limp she persists and prevails." Way to Go Sister Rosalie!