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Karie O'Brien

Most Valuable Commuter January 2007
Employer: Valley Hospital & Medical Center
Occupation: Registered Nurse

A registered nurse in the operating room at Valley Hospital & Medical Center, Karie O'Brien goes above and beyond to make carpooling work for her. When an employee came to Karie and told her she couldn't get to work because she was having car troubles, Karie stepped up to help. Once she started carpooling she realized the many benefits to carpooling including saving money, enjoying a friendship with her co-worker, someone to talk to during her commute and her carpool partner treating her with one of her famous coffees every morning.

"With my hectic schedule and having to work overtime, I never thought carpooling was possible until I was asked," smiled Karie. "Once I started I really liked it." Overcoming schedule changes, Karie talked to management about keeping her schedule the same as her carpool partner so they can continue to carpool. In addition to carpooling, Karie also works a compressed work schedule.

Karie talks to other employees about carpooling too. Although it doesn't work for most in the OR, she sets a great example for everyone to see. ETC, Liz Kennett says, "Knowing how OR nurses schedules change, Karie is amazing. She works hard to continue carpooling, even growing it by carpooling with her husband and son occasionally." Way to Go Karie!