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Pam Cosseboom

Most Valuable Commuter October 2006
Employer: Deaconess Medical Center
Occupation: Patient Access Representative

Moving to Post Falls ten years ago, Pam Cosseboom, Patient Access Representative for Deaconess Medical Center, began using commute alternatives. For the past two years, Pam has been carpooling with her husband. And, for eight years before carpooling, she rode the bus and even gave vanpooling a try for three months.

Since carpooling, her and her husband have been able to sell one of their cars and now are a one car family. Carpooling and selling their car has been very cost effective for Pam. She spends less time at the gas pump, only pays insurance on one vehicle, no extra car payments and doesn't have to worry about maintenance on a second car. And, the extra time she spends with her husband is a benefit she wouldn't want to give up.

When Pam can't carpool, she has her husband drop her off at the Liberty Lake Park & Ride. She takes the express bus, then the shuttle up to the hospital. Pam smiles and says, "It's hassle free and I meet a lot of interesting people." Sharing her stories with fellow employees, Pam continually encourages others to give a commute alternative a try. Liz Kennett, ETC, says "Pam is a dedicated carpooler and CTR participant. She actively fills out her on-line calendar at without having to be reminded." Way to Go Pam!