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Liz Kennett

All Star Coach March 2006
Employer: Valley Hospital & Medical Center

A true advocate for commute alternatives, Liz Kennett, Employee Transportation Coordinator for Valley Hospital & Medical Center, started carpooling when she was in High School, her first job she rode her bicycle daily and with previous jobs, Liz also rode the bus. Currently working two days a week, Liz carpools as often as she can with her daughter and also carpools to offsite meetings.
With management support, Liz receives a $25 monthly budget which has had a huge impact on her CTR program. She enjoys giving out goodies and delivering prizes to her employees using commute alternatives. And, she now has employees seeking her out and asking how they can receive goodies. To make it fun and give her employees kudos, Liz bought some Zagnuts during the basketball season and wrote a note to all her participants that said, "You score big with me when you use a commute alternative."
Her program elements include new hire orientation, guaranteed ride home, preferred parking, bus subsidies and compressed work schedules. Her greatest challenge is the plentiful parking at her worksite. Her words of wisdom to other ETCs are "keep smiling and don't let negative people get you down. Remember your participants and know there are people who participate and support your efforts." Way to Go Liz!