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Fred Kayler

Most Valuable Commuter April 2005
Employer: Sacred Heart Medical Center
Occupation: Facilities Day Engineer

Fred has been carpooling everyday for 21 years from his Spokane Valley home with up to 3 other Sacred Heart employees. They rotate driving and even schedule their workweek around the carpool schedule. Fellowship and socializing is what Fred enjoys the most about his choice of commute alternatives and has had the opportunity to share the ride with a lot of different employees over the years.

Another benefit for Fred is that by carpooling he knows he is doing his part to keep Spokane's air clean and our roads less congested. He also likes to educate fellow employees on the savings associated with carpooling. As Fred says, "Do the math. If you have 4 people sharing the cost of gas at $2.50 a gallon, divided it by 4 people equals less than 63 cents a gallon. Makes sense to me".

Another reason Fred likes to carpool is as he puts it, "Carpooling is just like putting your seat belt on, you just get used to it". He enjoys being the CTR representative for the Facilities Department and is always willing to help with any and all information distribution.

ETC, Lori Barschig, or "Mother Hen" as Fred affectionately calls her, states that
"Fred carpools for all the right reasons and his positive, honest attitude and involvement in the CTR program makes him shine. He is a true cheerleader for commute alternatives". Way to Go Fred!