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Carol Nicholson

All Star Coach March 2005
Employer: Triumph Composite Systems, Inc

Carol not only promotes commute alternatives at Triumph Composite Systems, Inc., which employs 300 employees, but also walks her talk by vanpooling approximately 4 days a week!

She enjoys promoting and talking with the employees about the benefits of CTR and feels like she's making a difference.

Triumph's program elements include new hire orientation, GRH, Bike racks and showers.
Triumph has an employee newsletter every other month and she always puts an article in about her CTR program

Her greatest challenge is trying to change the mind sets of employees who think they need their car. She was recently successful in persuading an employee from Hayden to give carpooling a try and they are still doing it.

Carol goes above and beyond by filling out all her employees' on-line calendars each month.
Cash in on has really helped increase participation in her CTR program.

Her proudest moment was being awarded the All Star Coach! Her words of wisdom to other ETCs is, "don't give up, walk your talk and make it fun!"