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Sharon Jones-Polello

All Star Coach December 2004
Employer: Zak Designs, Inc.
Occupation: Vendor Information Guide Coordinator and ETC

Even before taking on the responsibilities of ETC three years ago, Sharon Jones-Polello was a CTR committee member and set an exceptional example by walking her talk and carpooling to work. With a 29-mile one-way commute, Sharon has been carpooling for over 6 years and often has 3 or 4 riders.
Typically rotating ETCs every 1-2 years, Sharon's leadership, commitment and enthusiasm to CTR are the reasons she has been asked to continue in her ETC position. Sharon's boss, Bob Van Keuren says, "If you want a job done right, you give it to Sharon. She is meticulous, dedicated and a very hard worker."
With strong management support, her program elements include an eight-employee committee, preferred parking, bus subsidies, guaranteed ride home program and a budget for incentives. Sharon goes the extra distance for employees to win incentives too. Each month, she enters over 85 employee commute calendars into "My favorite part of the job is handing out prizes," smiled Sharon. "They are so enthusiastic when they win, it makes it all worth it." Way to Go Sharon!