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Randy Rudin, WA State DSHS DCS

All Star Leader March 2017
Employer: WA State DSHS DCS

Randy Rudin is the District Manager in Spokane for the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services’ (DSHS) Division of Child Support (DCS), with approximately 114 employees.

With no official budget for its Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program, DSHS looks for creative ways to grow the program. This last year, with Randy’s support and leadership, DCS created a CTR committee that is busily working on ways to provide incentives and education to increase participation in the program while having fun.

Randy encourages staff to participate in the CTR program and to be aware of all the options available to them. He is an active participant himself. He bikes his eight-mile commute to work when his schedule allows.

Randy believes the CTR program provides an opportunity for his staff to work towards a common goal, a better community through cleaner air and reduced traffic. The “Transforming Lives” mission of DSHS spreads all the way through the agency, including the CTR program. Participants can benefit from reduced stress, better health, saving money, and greater productivity once they get to work.

One of the challenges in promoting CTR at the workplace is changing employees’ commuting habits. The CTR committee will continue educating employees on choices and the benefits of participation. The hope is that the behavior change will also carry into employees’ personal lives.

Improving air quality and reducing the carbon footprint of staff are two expected benefits from a year-long pilot program exploring teleworking for employees. The plan is to increase the number of teleworkers by the end of 2017.

Being visible and involved are ways Randy supports the CTR program. He feels the time spent on CTR can reap dividends in the community.

“We are lucky to live in this region and CTR is a logical way to help preserve and enjoy it.”