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Peggy Wolny

Most Valuable Commuter April 2004
Employer: Northwest Farm Credit Services

The use of commute alternatives is not new to Peggy. When she lived in Seattle, she rode the bus everywhere she went. When gas prices soared last year, Peggy thought she would give carpooling a try maybe 2 to 3 times a month. But before she knew it, she realized that the company was nice to have on the way to work, it was convenient and she had less wear and tear on her car. Now, Peggy carpools nearly every day. Peggy shares the driving with her carpool partner who lives just down the street. They don't worry about exchanging money because they alternative driving their vehicles every other week. Both Peggy and her carpool partner are very flexible. In the event that either she or her carpool partner have to work late, they just communicate before and flex their schedules accordingly. Peggy feels that "By being flexible, this arrangement works great for both of us."

Christina Young, ETC for Northwest Farm Credit Services, says "Peggy is a huge supporter of their CTR program. She is always encouraging other employees to sign up and take advantage of the incentives and the benefits." Way to Go Peggy!