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Chad Johnson, Most Valuable Commuter

Walks! June 2016
Employer: Spokane Transit Authority
Occupation: Operations Scheduling Analyst

Chad Johnson is an Operations Scheduling Analyst for Spokane Transit where he’s been walking to work for the last 1.5 years. He began walking to work because he wanted to make a lifestyle change to be healthier, at the time he weighed over 300 lbs.

When Chad first started walking, he lived about 3 miles away and would walk to work and then ride the bus home. Some days he would even ride his bike to and from work. Since then, Chad’s moved closer to work and now only has a 1.7 mile commute. Since he started walking to work, he has lost 127lbs.
Currently, Chad walks to work, typically around 3am, and once there he goes on a 3-6 mile run! He believes walking or riding his bike is an easy way to get to work, it wakes him up and sets the tone to have a “fairly” stress free day.

When co-workers mention that they need to get more exercise, Chad tries to encourage them to try riding their bike or walking to work.
Even with a few challenges, Chad make walking to work a priority. Occasionally he’ll have to pick up his kids after work and on those days he drives to work. And coming into work at 3am, Chad has seen some things that have caused him to arm himself with pepper spray and he keeps a pocket knife handy.

STA’s ETC, Stacia Bowers says “Chad is very passionate about using commute alternatives and isn’t afraid to encourage and motivate others. He is a stellar commuter!”