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Mariah Henry

Carpooler January 2015
Employer: Avista
Occupation: Administrative Assistant

Mariah Henry, an Administrative Assistant for Avista, carpools with her husband every day and has a 16 mile one way commute. Depending on her husband’s schedule, she’ll occasionally take the bus back home if he has meetings after work. She’s been using commute alternatives for 17 years now and has either been able to walk, bike, bus or carpool to work. She has always lived close to work or bus stops, and when she didn’t, carpooling worked for her, so it just made sense. “Using a commute alternative is easier than most people think, and it’s fun and convenient as well” admitted Mariah.

She enjoys the money savings, of only driving one vehicle and the lowered maintenance cost. She did admit on the days when she rides home on the bus, she enjoys it because she can just sit back and relax!

Recently she overheard a co-worker state he barely had enough gas to get to work the rest of the week. Mariah encouraged him to start walking, since he only lived a few blocks away, and successfully recruited another walker for Avista!

ETC, Catherine Cooper says “Mariah exhibits a strong commitment to reducing her carbon footprint by using multiple commute alternatives throughout the year. She is well on her way to saving both money for fun times and the environment for future generations”. Way to go Mariah!