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Multi-modal (Bus Rider & Carpooler) November 2014
Employer: Spokane Regional Transportation Council

Kevin, a GIS analyst for Spokane Regional Transportation Council is both a bus rider & carpooler. He has a 3 mile commute, so there are some days he’ll carpool in with his girlfriend and other days take the bus. He began using commute alternatives about 9 years ago. He finds it very relaxing to ride the bus or be the rider in the carpool. It saves him money AND he likes being eligible for the prize drawings & incentives.

He keeps doing it because he knows it’s good for him, saves him money, reduces his stress and the fact that he lives across the street from TWO bus routes, makes it very convenient!!! What's impressive about Kevin is his use of transportation alternatives OUTSIDE of work. Last year, a co-worker was getting married to a STA employee. In honor of the STA employee, Kevin rode the bus to the wedding. His date was a VERY good sport about it, especially considering she was wearing very high heels and had to walk to the bus stop in them.

ETC Staci Lehman says “Kevin goes the extra mile to make commute alternatives work for him. And he makes it fun… not only for himself but for me as his ETC as well”. Way to go Kevin!