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Matthew Callier

Most Valuable Commuter August 2014
Employer: Numerica Credit Union

Matthew Callier, Computer Programmer for Numerica rides his bike nearly every day to work and on the days he can’t, he either carpools or works from home. Not new to biking, previously Matthew was a bicycle messenger in Seattle, he started up a community bike lending library and set up rides and was also a guide in Puerto Rico for bike excursions in the Rain Forest.

A few years later, for some reason, Matthew quit biking. He gained weight and got depressed. So about 3 ½ years ago he decided to return to riding. Not only did he feel “mentally” healthy again, he also dropped 65lbs! “A commute is a great excuse to ride your bike,” Matthew simply stated.

Encouraging fellow employees to ride their bikes, he has developed a group on “Strava” where they can post future rides and keep track of miles, which makes for friendly competition. It’s no surprise that Matthew’s department has the most bike riders at Numerica. ETC, Lindsey Skinfill says “Matthew is an all-around great example for our CTR program. He is consistent, truly enjoys biking and has improved his health in the last few years. He is a great encouragement and resource to others looking to begin biking as part of their commute”. Way to Go Matthew!