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Anne Telecky

Most Valuable Commuter February 2014
Employer: WA State Department of Transportation

Anne Telecky, Transportation Tech III for WA State Department of Transportation has been using commute alternatives for over 28 years. She first began riding the bus in 1987 when she lived in Seattle and parking was so expensive. In 1995 when she moved to Ritzville and started working for the DOT, she began riding her bike to work because there weren’t any bus options. Two years later when her job transferred to Spokane, she researched bus options and promptly started riding the bus again.

With a 10 mile commute, Anne no longer owns a car and relies solely on Spokane Transit for her transportation. One of Anne’s biggest challenges is that her bus stop continues to be moved further from her house. Right now, the closest stop to her house is 12 blocks away. Not discouraged, Anne says “I enjoy riding public transit! It’s a great way to meet interesting people and keep our air clean.”

Teaching the younger generation that transit is safe and convenient, Anne would take her niece and nephew on the bus while they visited her in Spokane. In addition, she continually encourages coworkers to give the bus a try. ETC, Jana Augenstine says “Anne has such a positive attitude and really enjoys her commutes on the bus. She consistently fills out her commute calendar and she really gets the whole air quality and commute mode connection”. Way to Go Anne!