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Ruth Brewer

Most Valuable Commuter May 2013
Employer: Integra Imaging Business Associates

With a 75% savings on her commute, Ruth Brewer, Cash Posting Analyst for Integra Imaging Business Associations, has been vanpooling to work daily since 2010. Not liking to drive to work and rising gas prices motivated Ruth to look into and find a vanpool to join. “With a 30 mile one-way commute, I save over $200 a month by vanpooling. It’s easy, my commute is a lot less stressful and I don’t have to worry about driving,” Smiled Ruth. “I have also met and gotten to know some wonderful people by vanpooling. They are like a second family to me.”

When Ruth’s employment location changed recently, Ruth didn’t want to give up vanpooling. To continue, Ruth took the STA vanpool driver training class and started driving the vanpool from downtown where everyone works to the lower south hill where she works. With the vanpool gaining attention from being in the parking lot, Ruth took the opportunity to talk with other employees about the benefits of vanpooling. Successfully recruiting another employee to join the van, in addition to recruiting him to take the STA driver training class, Ruth enjoys not driving again.

ETC, Danielle Griffis, says, “Ruth’s participation and support of the CTR program are an inspiration to others in just a short amount of time she has been with Integra Imaging Business Associates.” Way to Go Ruth!