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Diane Folland

All Star Coach June 2013
Employer: Airway Heights Corrections Center

With a 25 mile one-way commute, Diane Folland, ETC and Administrative Assistant for Airway Heights Corrections Center has been vanpooling since 1995. As the backup driver and bookkeeper for the vanpool, she is dedicated and a true advocate for vanpooling and the CTR program. Successfully starting up two new vanpools, she also volunteered to do the bookkeeping for the vanpool that started in 2008.

As the ETC for eight years with her first year as ETC being at Pine Lodge Correction Center for Woman, Diane markets her CTR program to over 700 employees and volunteers. Her CTR elements include a Guaranteed Ride Home program, lockers, showers, bike racks, 30 preferred carpool parking spots, a wellness and fitness program and new hire orientation with CTR pamphlets distributed. Participating and promoting in all CTR campaigns, sending emails, prominently displaying CTR flyers and posters, in addition to talking one-on-one with employees are Diane’s keys to successfully promoting CTR at her worksite.

Attending public meetings and talking with STA staff, Diane was instrumental in getting transit service back to Airway Heights Corrections Center after it was cut back about six years ago. “I really enjoying encouraging and helping the employees find a commute alternative that works for them,” smiled Diana. “When you make that magical connection and it works for the employee, it is very rewarding.” Way to Go Diane!