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Brenda Hutchins

Most Valuable Commuter January 2004
Employer: Airway Heights Corrections Center
Occupation: Correctional Records Specialist

For over 11 years, Brenda Hutchins has been using commute alternatives to get to work, including carpooling, vanpooling and riding the bus. Currently, Brenda carpools with two other co-workers. She truly enjoys the friendships she's developed and loves to hear what the other departments are doing at her worksite. With a 10-mile commute, Brenda also enjoys saving money, less wear and tear on her car and helping our air quality.
The key to this carpools success is being flexible. Brenda is known for sharing her breakfast, stopping by the bank or running other quick errands along the way. "It works for us and it's convenient," smiled Brenda. "We all share the same hours and live in the same neighborhood."
A true advocate, Brenda attends all CTR events and encourages others to rideshare. "She is a shining example of a dedicated carpooler and is a true advocate for ridesharing," stated Chrystal Young, ETC, Airway Heights Corrections Center. Way to Go Brenda!