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Craig Bertholf

Most Valuable Commuter June 2012
Employer: Avista Corporation

With six children and not wanting to take away from family time, Craig Bertholf, Regulatory Analyst, decided to combine his commute with his exercise. Over 15 years ago, Craig started running to work daily. Experiencing tendinitis in his knees a few years ago didn’t stop Craig, instead of running he started walking to work.

Setting a goal each year for how many days he’s going to walk to work, helps keep him motivate, especially on those cold winter days. “Living about 2 1/2 miles from work, I’ve been able to commute by foot on average 4-5 times a week for over 15 years,” Craig explains. “Running, walking or biking to work provides a different perspective that you don’t get riding in a car. I get to experience the changing seasons, see wild animals and even meet new people that I like to greet with a smile and friendly wave.”

Plus Craig doesn’t have to worry about parking or driving on icy roads. His commute is relaxing and peaceful. During his evening commute home, Craig adds 1 " 2 miles to his commute and frequently adds errands since his wife works late and there are no kids at home anymore.

Catherine Cooper, ETC, says “Craig’s commute mode is the ultimate saver in pollution and noise reduction. It’s great to have him on board with CTR. He is a shining ambassador to our CTR program.” Way to Go Craig!