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Deanna Clarkson

Most Valuable Commuter February 2012
Employer: Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency

Riding the bus on average 4 days a week to work and using it on the weekends, Deanna Clarkson, Inspector for the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency, enjoys reading, knitting and talking with unique individuals on the bus. Several years ago, when the Clean Air Agency moved to another location and bus service was less frequent, it took more time to get to work and a transfer was also added, it didn’t stop Deanna though from continuing to ride the bus.

“Riding the bus gives me a sense of freedom to do what I want on my commute,” Deanna explained. “Leaving my car in the garage is my small way of protecting the environment, supporting public transportation for everyone and reducing our dependency on foreign fuels.” Other benefits include extra time for herself, saving money and reducing wear and tear on her car.

Deanna is very knowledgeable about the CTR program, the benefits and is always willing to assist coworkers in finding a commute alternative that works for them. She also helps come up with ideas on how to promote CTR and how to award participants. ETC, Margee Chambers says, “Deanna is truly a clean air ambassador. She is an excellent example of someone that chooses not to drive alone to work, when that would be the easiest thing to do.” Way to Go Deanna!