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Jenny Stettler

Most Valuable Commuter December 2011
Employer: Spokane County

As her primary mode of transportation, Jenny Stettler, Accounting Supervisor for Spokane County, has been riding the bus for 18 years. Before riding the bus, Jenny carpooled for nearly 5 years. When starting at the county, she quickly realized she didn’t like driving downtown and parking was challenging. Giving the bus a try, she instantly knew that was the ticket. With a 20 mile commute, Jenny is able to read the paper, enjoy her coffee, not fight traffic and as a bonus, it is the good for the environment.

Over the years, Jenny has overcome many obstacles. She has been able to accommodate route changes by flexing her schedule or working it out by waiting. With a three block walk to her bus stop, the snow and icy sidewalks never stopped her. “I love everything about the bus,” explained Jenny. “I’ve made a lot of great friends, I have a lot of wonderful and interesting conversations and the STA staff is great!”

As a supervisor, Jenny is always encouraging employees to ride the bus. Knowing that parking is a challenge and it’s expensive, she always mentions the bus as an option when interviewing new employees. ETC, Don McDowell says “In the past 18 years, Jenny has NEVER driven to work! When her niece's daughter, who she helped raise, was in the hospital with cancer, Jenny rode the bus to and from the hospital to visit and stay with her. Not only is Jenny a devoted bus rider, but one of Spokane County's finest employees.” Way to Go Jenny!