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Barbara Chamberlain

Most Valuable Commuter August 2011
Employer: EWU/WSU Riverpoint Campus

An avid cyclist, Barb Chamberlain, Director of Communications and Public Affairs for WSU Spokane, had been riding her bike to work for over 8 years and before that was a frequent bus rider. She bikes to work daily, almost all year, switching to the bus when it snows. Over the past year, she has only driven to work 11 days. With frequent off campus meetings, Barb either rides her bike or takes the bus.

To make biking easier, Barb made a few lifestyle changes that she believes anyone can incorporate if they want to start bicycling. “You don’t need to spandex out or sweat when you ride your bike to work,” explained Barb. “I need to dress professionally and I’ve adapted my bike and clothes to accommodate my commute.” Wearing a dress and high heeled shoes is not unusual for Barb. She also changed her hair style so she wouldn’t have helmet hair either.

A bicycle advocate in the community, Barb is the co-founder of Spokane Bikes (formerly Bike to Work Week) and continues to grow the event every year. Knowing how important policy change and infrastructure is, Barb previously served on the Spokane Bicycle Advisory Board and now chairs the Transportation Advisory Committee for the Spokane Regional Transportation Council. Norene Phillipson, CTR committee member for EWU/WSU Riverpoint Campus, says, “Barb is a committed community member who promotes biking in her personal and business lifestyle. Her passion is evident and she definitely leads by example.” Way to Go Barb!

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