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Lesley Schmidt

All Star Coach September 2011
Employer: Jubilant Hollister-Stier

As the Human Resource Administrative Assistant and ETC for over two years for Jubilant HollisterStier, Lesley Schmidt knows she is making a difference by promoting and encouraging employees to use commute alternatives. With over 500 employees, her CTR elements include new hire orientation, guaranteed ride home program, bike racks and 11 preferred carpooling parking spots. Utilizing email as her main communication, she also writes a CTR article for the quarterly company newsletter and developed a CTR advertisement that runs continuously on the television in the lunch room for everyone to see.
Lesley’s CTR Makes Cents program is a great incentive for employees to participate. Employees sign up for 3 or 6 months and each month they donate $10. For every $10 donated by employees, Jubilant matches the $10. Employees receive a subsidy in their next pay check based on how many times they participated, how many participants there were and how much money was contributed during that month. The more they participate, the more reward they receive.

“I know I am making a difference with the CTR program,” Lesley smiled. “Every little bit counts and that’s what drives me to do more.” Capitalizing on her Bike to Work Week participation in May and partnering with a few avid cyclists at work, Lesley initiated a bicycling competition that ran from mid May " September 2. Winners were based on how many days they rode their bike to work. The first place winner participated 71 days and received a day off with pay and a $100 gift card. Overall, she had 28 participants that reduced 3,744 miles from being driven on our roads. Way to Go Lesley!