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Josh Clark

Most Valuable Commuter January 2011
Employer: Next IT Corporation

Carpooling for six months, Josh Clark, Software Engineer for Next IT Corporation, is not new to using commute alternatives. While attending EWU, Josh’s brother recommended he ride the bus. With a long commute to school and not wanting to drive, he began riding the bus. When starting at Next It, Josh continued to ride bus and was an avid bus rider for 51/2 years.

The bus now serves as a great back up when he has conflicting schedules with his carpool partner. And he utilizes in on the weekends and has introduced his children to riding the bus as well. “By carpooling and riding the bus to work, my family has been able to function with a single car,” stated Josh. “It's less expensive, I don't have to worry about driving conditions and I get to spend time with friends during my commute.”

A true advocate, Josh frequently talks to people about the benefits he experiences by carpooling and riding the bus. Janette Smith, ETC, says “Josh makes the choice to carpool or ride the bus everyday. He understands the benefits and tells others to give it a try. He is a great example for all employees to follow.” Way to Go Josh!