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2010 Pinnacle Award Winner

December 2010
Employer: Avista Corporation

The recipient of one of three Pinnacle Awards went to Avista Corporation. ETC, Catherine Bowden’s passion and commitment continues to grow their successful Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program. Promoting CTR to nearly 1,200 employees in multiple locations, Avista Corporation provides a multitude of CTR elements including new hire orientation, internal guaranteed ride home program, preferred parking spaces for carpoolers and vanpoolers, bus and vanpool subsidies, flex time, covered bicycle parking, showers, lockers, workout facilities, on site cafeteria, ATM machines, postal service and a company car for employees who use a commute alternative and have an off site business meeting.

To encourage walking as a commute mode and to educate employees about all commute alternative modes, Catherine facilitated a lunch time poker walk. Inviting two other nearby worksites to participate, tables were set up along the Centennial Trail. Enlisting the help of worksite CTR advocates, each table had two representatives. When participants stopped at the table, they received a card for their poker hand and received information on the specific mode the table was promoting, such as carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling, etc. With positive feedback on the event, the poker walk is scheduled again for this coming summer.

Starting at the top, the Presidents, Scott Morris and Dennis Vermillion set a positive tone for the CTR program. They generously give their time, energy and commitment to the program. Ted Horobiowski, Manager of Strategic Transportation Initiative has served on the CTR Board since 1991. A majority of the managers and supervisors at Avista use commute alternatives and understand the value of the CTR program. Encouraging employees to participate, allowing flex time and supporting Catherine are instrumental in their success!

Personally getting involved, talking one on one with employees and her hands on approach to marketing CTR are keys to Cahterine’s success. Using commute alternatives for over 27 years and proving multi-modal can work, Catherine rides the bus an average of three days a week, carpools with her husband when working late and rides her bike twice a week during the summer months.

On hand to receive their Pinnacle Award was Catherine Bowden, ETC, Ted Horobiowski, Manager of Strategic Transportation Initiative and Dennis Vermillion, President of Avista Utilities. Congratulations and Way to Go!!