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2010 All Star Team Award Winner

December 2010
Employer: Spokane County Parking Committee

The recipient of the 2010 All Star Team went to the Spokane County Parking Committee. Nominated by their ETC, Don McDowell, and selected by the Way to Go Recognition Committee, the committee is made up of 23 volunteers, who have diligently worked to maintain this worksite’s CTR program amongst severe budget cuts. In April 2009, this committee received notice that the CTR program budget would be reduced by more than 50%. With the disheartening news, the committee stepped forward and made the commitment to do whatever was needed to save the CTR program with the least amount of changes.

For the past 18 months this committee worked creatively to balance the budget. In addition to working on the budget, members of the committee met weekly to come up with necessary changes to the program with minimal negative impact on this worksites CTR program. Not only did this committee conquer an extremely difficult budget, but they hammered out a contract known as the “Parking Agreement,” for both the Parking and CTR Programs to operate by. In doing this, numerous presentations by the committee to management took place, as well as working with their various organizations to come to a consensus on the program changes.

Not once in the last 18 months did this committee come to any kind of point of impasse, despite some very sensitive and delicate issues. They were forced to make some changes to this worksite’s CTR incentive program that was not very popular, yet they stayed on task and were able to keep the changes very minimal. The key to their success has been the ability to communicate amongst each other, both at the meetings and through emails, in a way that kept things positive and moving forward.

With all the changes and budget constraints, this worksite’s CTR Program has become even stronger. The people on this committee represent every employee and the word about CTR has gotten out better than ever at Spokane County!

The following are the Spokane County Parking Committee members that received the All Star Team Award.

Don McDowell, ETC
Alan Arnzen
Trayce Boniecki
James Brown
Monty Chamberlain
Duane Dust
Beth Gleason
Janine Grohman
Mary Holmquist
Carolyn Hoschka
Steve Jones
Martin Kolodrub
Bret Lancaster
Cathy Malzahn
Jim McLefresh
Rick Mendoza
Julie Mindemann
Rex Olson
GiGi Parker
Tori Peterson
Colleen Smith
Matt Spink
Sue Walker