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Gary Warrick

All Star Coach December 2010
Employer: Huntwood Industries

As the ETC for eight years and the Chaplain for Huntwood Industries, Gary Warrick’s personal touches are key to his CTR successes. Taking the time to get to know employees, encouraging them to participate and helping them understand the benefits to using commute alternatives is something Gary is happy to do. “I am very privileged to have the opportunity to help employees and connect with them through the CTR program.” Gary smiled. “When they make the choice to carpool or ride the bus and are able to save money and maybe make a new friend that is very rewarding.”

Over 2 1/2 years ago, Gary was successful in pitching the employer bus sponsored program to Huntwood management. Now employees are able to take advantage of a discounted bus pass. With new hire orientation, an internal guaranteed ride home program, lockers and bike racks, Gary promotes the benefits of the CTR program every chance he can.

With limited computer access for employees, Gary goes around each month to verify participating from each participant. He then inputs their data into so they are eligible for prizes. Gary’s positive attitude and forward thinking is the driver behind Huntwood’s CTR program. In October, Gary had 92 participants which amounts to a 24% reduction in drive alone trips. Way to Go Gary!