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Chris Innes

Most Valuable Commuter July 2010
Employer: Northwest Farm Credit Services

Since 1973, Chris Innes, Accounting Specialist from Northwest Farm Credit Services, has been using commute alternatives and has rarely missed a day. Working downtown, living near the bus line, eliminating parking expenses and enjoying the convenience, Chris began riding the bus 37 years ago. When she started working at Northwest Farm Credit Services in 1999, she continued riding the bus for about a year and a half even though it wasn't as convenient. After talking with an employee she decided to try carpooling and has been carpooling ever since.

Chris goes above and beyond to make carpooling work. Her current carpool partner’s schedule is a 1/2 hour earlier in the morning and a 1/2 hour later in the afternoon, so Chris comes to work early and stays late to make it work. She loves the friendships she has developed and the best part of her day is talking with her friend to and from work. “Using a commute alternative has always been part of my life and it seems more of a hassle to not carpool or ride the bus,” smiled Chris.

Chris is always willing to share her commute experience with others and encourages employees to check out the Commuting Options Board and talk with the ETC about getting started. Pam Mims, ETC, says “She is a long time advocate for using commute alternatives. She always has a smile and is a true inspiration to other employees.” Way to Go Chris!