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Bob Orth

Most Valuable Commuter April 2010
Employer: Avista Corporation

Nearly 30 years ago, Bob Orth, Desk Top Technician for Avista Corporation began carpooling daily to work. With a 20 mile commute and a truck that got 10 miles to the gallon, Bob quickly found three employees that lived in the same area. In more recent years, Bob has been carpooling with his wife and when she retired in April, he immediately began looking for another carpool partner.

“It just makes sense,” Bob explained. “Your cost goes down when alternating drivers, you have less wear and tear on your car and there is less pollution going into our air.” Being flexible is a key to his carpooling success. If someone needs their car for the day, then they just change drivers for that day. Stopping by the grocery store occasionally before going home also eliminates a trip in the evening for everyone.

Bob really enjoys sharing the ride with others and he has been able to learn a lot about employees and the different areas of Avista. With many benefits, Bob continually talks to others about giving it a try. ETC, Catherine Bowden, says “For all the cost savings he enjoys, I think it is more about building relationships with people that keeps him going as he heads into 30 years of carpooling.” Way to Go Bob!