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Tammie Roe

Most Valuable Commuter October 2003
Employer: Sacred Heart Medical Center
Occupation: Compliance Coordinator
Hobbies: Ride and train horses and running

With a 30-mile drive from Deer Park, Tammie Roe enjoys the company when carpooling daily with a friend who works at another downtown worksite. Taking turns driving each week, Tammy also finds her commute less stressful.
Originally a vanpool driver, Tammy has been using commute alternatives for the past four years. "I save over $100 in gas alone each month by carpooling," stated Tammie. "We're both flexible with our schedule, so it works really well for us." To eliminate coming into town on the weekends, Tammie drives alone every other Friday so she can run all her errands.
Tammy is a true rideshare advocate. "She is always looking for more riders," smiled Lori Barschig, Employee Transportation Coordinator, Sacred Heart Medical Center. "She would love to have enough so she only had to drive once a week." Way to Go Tammie!