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Clara Christy

Most Valuable Commuter September 2009
Employer: WA State Department of L & I

Over 40 years ago, Clara Christy, Customer Service Specialist for WA State Department of L & I, began riding the bus to work because parking was so expensive in the downtown area. When Clara started working for L & I 15 years ago, she was thrilled there were no parking fees and she began driving to work. Quickly realizing how stressful it was to drive and not liking to drive on the freeway, she started riding the bus again.

With a bus stop within a block of her house and one right in front of her work, taking the bus is easy and convenient. When Clara’s car broke down last year and was in the shop for over 6 weeks, she worried about grocery shopping. Buying a collapsible cart, Clara took the bus to and from the grocery store. “It was much easier than I thought,” Clara smiled. “I also use the trip planner for going to other appointments too.”

When ever she has the opportunity, she tells employees about the bus and “spectacular” bus schedule, especially for their work place. ETC, Nadine Grady, says “Clara’s commitment to riding the bus for so many years is amazing and the enthusiasm she shares to her coworkers about riding the bus really says a lot for our CTR program.” Way to Go Clara