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Howard Hamby

Most Valuable Commuter November 2008
Employer: Spokane County
Occupation: Pavement Engineer

With the realization that he was part of the problem with empty buses, Howard Hamby, Pavement Manager for Spokane County, started riding the bus daily nearly a year ago, in addition to already working a compressed work schedule. Being hit by a car a few years ago, but still loving to ride, Howard decided to combine the two for his commute. With a 10 mile commute, Howard rides his bicycle about 3 miles to the park and ride then finishes his commute on the bus. During the winter months, he’s a dedicated bus rider.

With internet access on his bus, Howard checks his emails and loves relaxing by listening to his ipod. His enthusiasm for riding the bus is evident when he successfully encouraged the Spokane County Assitant Engineer, Chad Coles, to ride the bus to work. “I love riding the bus,” Howard smiled. “I feel it’s the wave of the future and I think everyone should do it because it’s the right thing to do.”

ETC, Don McDowell says “When asking people who he should nominate, Howard’s name came up the most. He has become a commuting icon in the Public Works Building. His enthusiasm and dedications are a tremendous help to the CTR program at the County.”